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真空偏心蝶阀是用于油浸式变压上的公用阀门。产品全体综合机能强,可以或许耐变压器油、耐高温、具有长期应用无渗漏的特色,而且各个部件精确加工,可以或许达致小的转能源矩。 产品型号:¢40、¢50、¢80、¢100、¢125、¢150、¢200


Vacuum eccentricity valve is used by transformer which immersed in oil.The design structure and the material of pressurizing element are excellent.It has the integration capability of resisting transformer oil and high temperature.It can be used for a long time without leakage.Because of exquisite process,rotational moment can be short. MODEL:40、¢50、¢80、¢100、¢125、¢150、¢2